Insane Grain

Insanely delicious, insanely nutritious super grain sorghum snacks.

instagram graphic designer
insane grain cheese flavour packaging
content creation for instagram
now available in sainsbury's content creation animation

Social media content creation that increases brand awareness, engages with new and existing customers and drive sales for the brand, Insane Grain.

Content produced varied from images, graphics, gifs and animations in order to promote flavours, health benefits, stockists and more, all while keeping on brand.

cartoon man wearing a mask
insane grain covid content creation
instagram content creation
mona lisa edited funny graphic design
whole foods announcement on social media
poster design on street wall
stockist announcement on instagram
stockist announcement social media
advent calendar design for social media
albert einstein edited
whole foods content creation
llama wearing glasses
amazon retailer announcement
olympic studio animation
screenshot to find your flavour insane grain

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