Rebelicious drinks

CBD infused cola and cream soda drinks born in Cornwall

rebelicious drinks cornwall content creation
ice cubes dancing gif

The Rebelicious drinks branding is fun, retro and quirky.

To compliment the existing branding the content creation strategy needed to reinforce the feelings of a laid back, free spirited California/Kernowfornia lifestyle which gives that sense of relaxation CBD gives.

The stylised modern retro visuals created appeal to a predominantly female Gen Z and young Millennial audience in a light hearted, fun and friendly way.

hippie mood board design
packaging animation for social media
beach product photography cornwall
rebelicious drinks product photography
paper product photography
animator for social media
lifestyle product photography beach scene
stylised product photography
cola pouring gif creation
rebeilicious cbd drink sainsburys gif
bring out the rebel cbd drink ad anaimation
rebelicious electronic van ad sainsburys

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